Summer School

Summer schools include all the activities required to learn English. And as an institution, we organize summer school every year. Thanks to these summer schools that we organize in different parts of the world, our students are able to learn English by practising. Our students meet different cultures in summer schools and expand their visions. Summer schools are usually organized in native English-speaking countries, which help students develop their language skills in depth. In 2013 and 2014, summer schools were organized in the USA, UK, South Africa and Turkey. The students also visited the historical places in these countries and made a cultural tourism.

Summer School in the USA

America is one of the best countries to visit and makes a great contribution to our students' English learning. As an institution, we organize a summer school in June every year, and our students are learning English together with students whose mother tongue is English until noon. After classes and on weekends they have the opportunity to travel to New York, Boston or Washington. On these trips, students can see Times Square, Intrepid Warship, Fifth Avenue, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, White House, Boston Science Museum, Space Museum and many other world-famous places. Our students also have the chance to learn about academic life and university education in the US after visiting well-known universities such as Harvard, MIT, Hofstra and Boston College.

Summer School in Turkey

Many native English teachers work in summer school programs in Istanbul. As an institution, we organize summer school programs in Istanbul in June for our students to improve their English language skills and to visit historical and popular venues.

Our students spend half of the day taking English lessons from American and Canadian teachers. During the rest of the day and weekends, they visit important historical and touristic places in the city. In addition, the Turkish language, which is taught as a foreign language in our institutions, is also practised in this summer school.

In this program, students will have the opportunity to visit Topkapı Palace, Islands, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Bosphorus, Miniatürk and Fetih Museum.

Spring School in England

In the UK Spring School, our male and female students stay in different language camps and take an intensive English course. Spring School is held in London in March. Students also have the opportunity to visit other famous cities such as Oxford and Cambridge and learn about the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Our students in London are visiting famous places such as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament House, British Museum, Science Museum, Hyde Park and London Underground.

School in South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is a country where English is widely spoken. Our students can choose South Africa for their quality English education system and natural beauty. The Spring School is usually held in March, and our students visit the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg and enjoy the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean in Cape of Good Hope. They also have the opportunity to go safaris and see the wild animals in nature.

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