Sports Activities

ts must be healthy individuals with self-confidence. In our schools, together with academic learning, students' physical and mental health is also being improved. For this reason, it is important to spend enough time for sports activities and physical education classes in schools.

Our institution offers the most up-to-date opportunities for students to participate in sports activities, demonstrate their skills and improve them. Because of these activities, students learn values such as honest competition, teamwork and collaboration. In addition to physical education classes, there are club activities for football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and judo in our schools. Our students participate in these club activities supported by expert sports trainers in their respective fields. There are football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis and bowling halls in our institutions. Our students prepare for national and international competitions using these facilities in the planned activities.

What are the benefits of sports to students?


  • Students are encouraged to become self-confident individuals with sports.
  • Improve their physical performance and become healthy individuals.
  • Maximum oxygen capacity increases.
  • Improvements in mental health occur.
  • Friendship is learned.
  • The possibility of socialization.

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