Ronaki Duhok believes that art education is a core discipline. Our schools offer an engaging and comprehensive art program from the kindergarten to high school, which includes visual arts, music, folk dances and theatre. Our art program increases creativity and imagination values

At the primary school level, art education positively affects the growth and development of the students. The development of motor skills is supported by artistic movements. Decision making and visual learning skills are a renewed process for young students in designing their own art projects. In addition, the process-oriented basis of art education develops the student's ability to enter a project and develop creative solutions to a problem.

Each school has a separate Art class. The learning environment in this class is designed to provide students with the necessary field, instructional information, menus, resources, materials and tools to perform their skills independently or collaboratively. Art classes use materials, tools and resources needed in artworks such as painting, clay or print. We value to give information to our children about visual arts.

In addition to the class work, there are also various art clubs:

  • Picture Club
  • Ebru Club 
  • Jewelry Design Club
  • Origami Club
  • Calligraphy Club

Our schools, in order to honour and motivate students, exhibit valuable works in various events and organizations.

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