Music and Performing Arts

Music education provides great benefits to the mental and social development of young individuals. Similar to art education, music also helps to develop spatial intelligence that allows students to visualize how the necessary elements to solve mathematical problems fit together. Music education also supports language development; because music supports the development of the left side of the brain in which the language is processed. This development is particularly important in children aged 2 to 9 years.

Our performing arts program reflects our commitment to a free art education, with a focus on each student's creative expression. All students receive a general music education that emphasizes creativity, musical appreciation, music literacy and performance preparation.

Music Album

The music program offers many opportunities for individual development and strengthens each child's, innate musical love. For gifted students, our institution offers performance programs such as IFLC, FESCO or Brother Culture Festival. Our institution also publishes a music album every year. This album contains music made by our students.

At least one musical instrument

We believe that every child in our schools should learn to play at least one musical instrument. In order to achieve this goal in each class, students begin to learn how to play an instrument from an early age. Later to provide more professional progress for talented students, clubs are created. Each school has a music room specially designed to motivate our students and provide an environment that encourages students to unleash their innate potential.

Folk Dance Performances

Our students can take part in optional folk dance classes to learn about local and international folk dances. Thanks to these courses, all students can participate in the activities of local and international organizations in more than 20 countries to show their skills.


Drama is an important part of our institution. With the English and Turkish curriculum, all of our talented students are educated in the field of drama and then perform sketches, parodies and rehearsals.

Poetry Reading

Students who have the ability to read poetry are trained by professional instructors and learn how to read poems in different languages.

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