English Week

As an institution, we have been carrying out serious work in order to contribute to the fun English learning of all our students. Within the English Week, all students participate in different activities week for one week. In school corridors, halls and courtyards, English games are played, song competitions are organized and presentations are made. Projects prepared throughout the year are screened for parents and guests during the English Week. This helps students to increase their wishes, to have fun and to improve their English by practising.

English Drama

Drama techniques and role-playing are one of the most effective methods of teaching English. In this way, students learn the skills to participate in theatre plays that enable them to participate in real-life organizations. Students learn to be optimistic, self-education and to have effective social interactions through drama. In this way, they also enjoy the comfort of speaking English. At the end of the school year, our primary school students stage stories that were well-known with costumes, music and decorations learnt throughout the year.

Debate Week

This is a competition in which two groups with different views have defended their ideas and tried to convince each other with academic discussions. Every year, contests are held in secondary schools and high schools in our institutions.

In debates, students:

  • conduct researches, collect information and make criticism.
  • learn the skills of expressing their views on an issue in an organized way.
  • gain the ability to talk against a group of people and to express themselves to defend their rights.
  • learn to listen to another group and to express politely opposing views if they do not agree with them.
  • have the opportunity to work in a team and they become social.

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