The International Festival of Language and Culture is the largest international cultural organization for students aged 12-16 from around the world. The International Culture Festival provides a platform to interact and engage with different communities. This activity enables our students to demonstrate their cultural characteristics and interactions with other cultures in order to gain a better perspective. Unity and solidarity are strengthened in such events and our students make new friends as they introduce their culture to the world. We, with our students and teachers, attend the festival every year and represent the cultural welfare of Iraq. As emphasized in our mission, we offer our students a quality education in interaction with different cultures.

At the festival, our students had the chance to perform folk dances, poetry, and special talent shows; They exhibited Iraqi and Kurdish cultures. Our students have always been successful in the technical departments of the competition and have used this success in their academic lives. Our students have won gold medals in singing competitions and introduced their culture to more than 150 countries with their songs. Saya Harbi (Kirkuk), Saya Latif (Erbil), Dahat Muhlis (Soran), Yadigar Muhammad (Erbil), Geylan Tahir (Erbil), Mustafa Suphi (Kirkuk) and Keja Havta (Erbil) won the gold medals in the past five years and have been a source of pride.

1800 students from 155 countries participated in the festival, which is the 12th annual festival, with an increasing number of participants every year. The first eleven years took place Turkey and the twelfth year in Romania and Ethiopia.




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