Project Based Learning

As an educational institution, we are building the education and training system on “Project Based Training" system. This system is primarily project-oriented and uses organized methods enriched with activities carried out in individual or small groups. Thanks to this student-centred system, our students grow up as individuals and learn to overcome the obstacles they may face. In our institution, there are visual and comprehensive training tools designed by teachers that allow students to do research and critical thinking in order to help them develop a detailed perspective. As a result of Project Based Training, students in our institutions are people who can think critically, have strong communication skills, can work in a group and can be productive people. In addition, our students can exhibit their projects at the end of these training.

Benefits of Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning is one of the most important educational tools that encourage student active participation. With this system, high-level cognitive activities are supported and many skills are developed with a wide range of tools and resources. Thanks to the project-based learning system in our institution, students are able to combine academic, social and life skills together and learn the use of technology.

The contributions of the project-based learning model can be seen in the following:

Learning by doing

Starting with primary level, we teach students how to think systematically and to be prepared for projects. In secondary and high school, students have the opportunity to exhibit their ideas and compete in national or international project Olympics. Our students' high achievements in these competitions prove that they have received a world-class education and are able to compete in the scientific fields of the world.

Mathematics and Mind Arithmetic

Our schools continue to work on mental arithmetic which is new and popular in mathematics and science environments. Mental Arithmetic is an educational method that helps students between the ages of 4-14 to use their right and left brain hemispheres evenly in order to improve their concentration. It also supports children's ability to calculate mathematical equations quickly and accurately. It is given as a club activity in the 4th, 5th and 6th Grades of our primary schools.

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