Professional Development Programs

Teacher Development Programs

The most important institutional strategies of our institutions are departmental meetings and training seminars. These meetings, which involve exchange of information, experiments and seminars, are very important for the development of students and teachers.

Teachers update their knowledge through meetings, follow current developments in education and brainstorm about their departments. All of this keeps the quality of education at the highest level. For this reason, teachers working in our institutions come together during the school year and summer holiday to participate in professional development programs.

Many international academicians and experts are invited to these programs, and our teachers are constantly improving themselves.

Department Meetings and Seminars

Meetings are held regularly in every branch in our institutions. In these meetings, the topics mentioned in the academic calendar are discussed and better teaching methods and student learning methods are determined. Teachers with more experience share practical information on specific topics. Our primary school teachers participate in Mental Arithmetic Seminars given by experts and follow all the developments and innovations that popular science have developed. Similar to these activities, teachers participate in Project-Based Training seminars and gain new experiences in classroom activities.

Experimental Seminars

In our institutions, physics, chemistry, biology and science laboratories are used effectively and efficiently. Our laboratories are designed to make all the experiments mentioned in our curriculum and are equipped with the necessary materials, modern experiment tools and models.

Our teachers gain practical experience in conducting various experiments at these regular seminars. In this way, they provide a better education to students.

English Seminars

In our institution, teacher development programs are organized in a continuous manner so that teachers follow the innovations in language teaching. As a result of these seminars conducted by Oxford University, teachers learn to use more effective materials.

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