Mixed Training

As an educational institution, we offer a range of digital teaching and self-study options to meet students' in-class and out-of-class training requirements. Each option is designed to add value to the learning process and complement the way our teachers love to teach. With "Feeling in the digital sense", we believe that we offer our students the most practical solutions for the successful English Program. We strongly believe that e-learning has become more active in all areas and will become more widespread in the future. That's why we try to ensure that our students get maximum benefit from technology. With the help of e-learning, our students will be able to prevent the negative effects of the lack of the academic year and will be able to follow the lessons they missed. They will also be able to access the application from home or elsewhere using a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or iPad.

With these tools we offer to our students;

Teachers can display workbooks with integrated voice, video and answer keys on the screen,
Class management tools, including zoom, pen, note, web link, screen shade, spotlight, and a timer can be used.


The e-learning concept, which we frequently heard recently, is considered to be one of the most important lesson methods of the future. Why is this e-learning procedure so important? What benefits will it provide to students?

The learning activity will be active every hour. Day or night, the student will have the opportunity to look at the lessons at any time.
Training speeds can be adjusted according to the student's own capacity. For example, a student can study a topic in 2 days, and another student in 3 days. With e-learning, this time can be adjusted. In this way, education becomes more efficient.
Education is always easy to reach. In his/her spare time the student can look at education issues.


There are extra online applications in the course books offered to our students by our institution. Online applications can be accessed in two ways: First, free access. Students can practice grammar, vocabulary and reading on the websites of books.

The second is the code card provided by ”Oxford University Press". This system is supported by OUP's new learning management system and includes:

• More than 250 interactive events for skill, vocabulary and grammar

• Writing and speaking skills

• Notebook to monitor student progress

• Ability to personalize students' learning.

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