Education Support

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

In our institution, students can discuss their personal problems with Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services in person. All these services are performed within the privacy policy. Our expert guidance counsellors provide students with appropriate solutions to their problems according to their age, mind and social development. Problems are solved in collaboration with teachers, students and parents.

Parent - Teacher Meetings

Parents should be in communication with the school. Our institution establishes this communication through regular teacher-parent meetings. In this respect, our institution also provides positive steps for the students' future.

Primary School Teacher Group Meeting

Classroom teachers' council meetings are held three times a year by the director manager, teachers and Psychological Counseling and Guidance experts. In these meetings, students' performances are discussed and problems are sought. If necessary, the parents or relatives of the student are invited to the meeting and healthy solutions are investigated.

E-School System

E-School System is a technological service provided by our institution to its students, parents, teachers and managers. With the help of this system, parents can easily monitor their children's academic performance. At the beginning of the school year, all parents are provided with usernames and passwords so that children can be regularly followed up about their class attendance.

Testing and Evaluation

In our institution, almost all exams are evaluated by test and evaluation departments using optical readers. Results are given to students through report cards. On the other hand, all these data are also shared online.

Dining and Canteen

Lunch is served to students who request this service. These meals prepared according to calorie and hygiene conditions are healthy and beneficial according to the age group of the students. In our canteens, healthy snacks are sold in order to increase the energy of our students.

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