It is believed that learning began in your mother's womb. Taking this fact into consideration, it is very important to start educating our children at an early age. In the traditional education system, children start their education at the age of 6. However, starting school at an early age, such as going to kindergarten at the age of 4 or 5, will benefit positively to many children.

We accept students from 4 to 5 years of age as a company. Children admitted to our kindergartens receive education and training in specially designed classes according to age groups. Besides, our teachers, who are experts in their work, train each student as quality in accordance with his / her own understanding. Our trainer staff at kindergarten is aware that giving quality education to our students will shape them in the future in a positive way.

Our kindergartens provide the warmth of a family to the students who are entrusted to us by their families. It is also a good place for preschoolers to increase their mental, social and emotional development.

What are the benefits to our children in our kindergartens?

  • The child's language development accelerates, vocabulary increases
  • Learns many games, uses creativity while playing with friends
  • Develops a sense of discipline and order
  • Learn to share
  • Makes friends, expands social environment
  • Develop motor skills
  • Learn to control his emotions
  • Learns new sentences and phrases
  • Likes to read books
  • Mental world expands

Primary Education

The primary aim of primary education is to direct the students to a quality life by providing the right knowledge by making use of the best teachers, the best schools and the best opportunities.

Our aim is to train qualified people starting from primary school education. We believe that a qualified person should have the ability to research, think and analyze in every field from modern science to technology. A qualified person knows several foreign languages, has moral values and is respectful to both their parents and society. In our primary schools, students from all over the society receive education around these goals in an environment of love, respect, tolerance and harmony.

We are working to make positive changes in our society and to raise children for a brighter future.

Secondary Education

Secondary education is a period in which students are prepared to become young adults. In this period, the learning capacity is higher. For this reason, secondary education should be taken seriously. As a company, we apply a rich curriculum to our students and help them to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Science, social sciences, language learning, art education and sports are the foundations of life and these departments are taught to students in an organized and systematic way.

In the first year of secondary school, students take an intensive English course in the preparatory classes. In these courses, they learn Turkish as a foreign language. Our education system focuses on character education in these years. Our guidance counsellors make intensive efforts to ensure that our students are honest, hardworking and have universal moral values.

The importance of secondary education can be explained by:

  • In this period, children start to form their characters with the education they receive.
  • Children of middle school age are more receptive and more prone to learning. Therefore, in this process, they should receive training from quality teachers.
  • During secondary school, children also begin to develop their life skills. Which professions they want to focus emerges in this period slowly.
  • It is necessary to get a good education to enter a good university. At this point, secondary school education and training become important.

High school education

The foundation of academic life is determined in high school education. Students make university choices with the knowledge and experience they have gained during their high school years.

Our students in our schools always strive to do the best for a brilliant academic life. Experienced and committed teachers train the students well with the training they received. During high school education, they learn to think analytically, prepare projects, make presentations and speak at least two foreign languages. Students who graduate from us are prepared for international exams such as national Wezari Exams and SAT, ACT, IELTS or TOEFL required for university admission.

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