Scientific Lessons

Science is very valuable in our educational institution. Scientific activities are organized at all levels from kindergarten to high school. Our students actively participate in these activities and gain a scientific perspective in science courses with the support of well-equipped laboratories. Thus, students learn how to work systematically according to scientific methods.

Local and international science trips are organized by our schools to ensure that our students love and appreciate science. Our teachers give the opportunity to students to experience science experiments with the help of visual and experimental materials. Experiments and projects at science fairs throughout the year make education funny. In these science fairs, activities such as egg landing, water rocket, mousetrap carriage, t-shirt design, experiment and wall decoration are carried out.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Teaching

Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which are the basis of scientific studies, are really important for Ronaki Duhok Education Company. Teachers who are experts in their field teach the theoretical aspects in the best possible way. This leads our students to become major researchers with knowledge of scientific methods and systematic studies. In this way, our students have the opportunity to turn theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge in our well-equipped laboratories and discover their scientific skills.

In laboratories designed specifically for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, our students conduct experiments and transform them into projects. They can participate in national and international competitions with these projects.

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