Computer and Technology Education

In our institution, from the first year to the 11th grade of primary school, special emphasis is given to computer training. Computer training is provided by highly qualified teachers in fully equipped computer laboratories.

The computer labs of our institution are designed in a way that each student has a computer to work on their own. The curricula of computer courses are quite extensive and include many new programs. Basic hardware and software training, as well as C ++, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Java and MS Office programs are taught. Our students are expected to develop their computer skills by participating in different competitions and project Olympics.

On the other hand, in addition to computer training in our institution, lessons are also conducted with a projector. Most of the classes are equipped with smart boards and sound systems. Thus, interactive learning is provided for students. The digital versions of the textbooks are used in classrooms and this provides richer content. So with the help of 3D animations, many subjects are learned better.

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