Our institution shows the importance it gives to the quality of education with the publications it uses in its courses and activities. Our institution, management and teachers believe that books have immeasurable value in education. Therefore, the books and resources we use are very valuable to us. That's why we use the books of prestigious publishers around the world in our schools and colleges. We prefer Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press for English lessons, that gained high success worldwide. In secondary and high schools, we use Holt Publishing books which have come to the forefront in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science courses; Nergis Publishing books for computer courses and Nevlisan Publishing books for Turkish lessons.

In addition to the publications chosen by our management as the best in the fields to be used in the curriculum, our own publications are also good bedside sources for our students. Our teachers are preparing Math and Science books for our students. Our teachers also prepare holiday books for students to remember what they have learned throughout the year. These holiday books encourage students to gain a regular reading habit throughout their holidays. We think that you will witness the outstanding aspects of our institution which separates us from other educational institutions.

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