School Facilities


In our school libraries, students can develop their knowledge and literacy skills through "questioning based" learning approach. Students can take advantage of our rich collection of books to enhance their research skills or to have fun. With our library service, we encourage you to take an active role in your child's literacy education. We love what we do and we want the children to enjoy a peaceful and orderly service. We have rules and procedures that encourage a sense of responsibility among our students. For the maximum benefit of our students, they need to follow the policy of the school library. What are the benefits of these libraries to our children?

· Libraries make people more educated individuals.

· Student with less favorable financial situation can read the books they cannot buy in the libraries.

· Books that are not published anymore can be found in libraries.

· Libraries offer a quiet and peaceful study environment for students.

· Individuals can develop themselves in libraries in a cultural sense.


Laboratory experiments are an essential part of our science curriculum. For this reason, fully equipped Science, Computer, Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories are available in each institution according to the level and type of school. Our science laboratories are carefully inspected to ensure that all necessary resources are provided. The structural design of our laboratory facilities that we have as an institution is also suitable for our purposes. In addition, appropriate ventilation, natural and artificial lighting and high standard materials are used in our laboratories. In every laboratory, security policies are followed seriously and all necessary measures are taken carefully. Also, new computers are available in our computer labs. Each student has a chance to work on his / her own computer in the laboratory. The smart board and the special software programs make the lessons efficient and enjoyable. What are the benefits of laboratory method?

· Laboratory methods teach students how to organize experiments. In this way, children have the opportunity to learn by living. This makes the information permanent.

· Individuality in teaching can be provided by the laboratory method. As a result, learning becomes strong and effective.

· Ability to solve problems.

· Developing skills, students are encouraged to research.


As an institution, we believe that it is important that all children experience positive gaming experiences every day. For the past few years, we've been working to make sure that every child has a lot of fun at noon to make sure they have a happy playing time. Our institutions offer students different play areas depending on the school area, location and age range. Considering that all children in our schools have different interests, we make our playground arrangements accordingly. Therefore, children can have a wide range of activities at noon. For children who like to be active, we create sports areas (football field, tennis court, basketball court, etc.), and for younger children, we create park areas with swings and slides.


Our institution provides an optional lunch service for students in the cafeteria. Our school cafeteria serves children with various menus. Lunch fees are not included in the tuition fee and must be paid separately. For boarder students, there is also a breakfast service. Our dining halls are hygienic and all meals are made by master cooks using fresh ingredients.


Our institution gives importance to all artistic activities. For this reason, we many art rooms. Each school has a separate art class. The learning environment in this class is designed to provide students with the necessary field, instructional information, menus, resources, materials and tools to perform their skills independently or in collaboration. Art classes use materials, tools and resources needed in artworks such as painting, clay or print. We believe that dance, theater and music are the main components of human life. Our institution gives great importance to art with a different student population with different cultural backgrounds. Art plays an important role in the growth and development of individuals, communication within cultural boundaries, and creating a sense of participation and belonging.

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