Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission

Our aim is to make our students successful individuals in every field of life, especially in business and community life. More specifically, it can be explained as teaching the art of living together with students from different cultural backgrounds in order to achieve academic excellence and social success.

Our Schools and Colleges offer an atmosphere where students can adhere to their cultural values and blend these values with universal values. Our institutions offer a high quality, balanced education with a good blend of local and global values, providing a questioning and supportive educational opportunity to help students think globally. We believe in the importance of this and provide our students with an environment of love, respect and tolerance which are the tools of correct and quality education.

Our Vision

Our institutions, instead of promising a purely individual and social success to their students; condition them to achieve more holistic values and advantages that lead to this success. Thus, each student is provided to take their own steps towards the personal vision of life. In this context, our philosophy is to help students who learned the art of life to contribute to world peace and to help them integrate into the world in education and career planning, but it is much more than that.

Our Values

  • Faith and security
  • Love, care and knowledge
  • Self-confidence and willpower
  • Respect for cultural values
  • Devotion and teamwork
  • Adherence to ethical values
  • Collaboration and artistic skills
  • Productivity and innovations
  • Open-mindedness and analytical thinking
  • Critical thinking and scientific thinking
  • It adopts common universal values such as modernity and originality.

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