Our educational institutions were established in 2009 with the aim of teaching the students from different cultures the art of living. This goal provides students the basic gains in establishing good relations with the world in the field of culture and society as with career and life planning. Our institution is equipped to provide four basic educational levels such as kindergarten, primary school, high school, and college. Our institution consists of 6 different schools and colleges. In these schools, students can focus on their own educational life; develop strategies to make a real difference in society. Our students gain at each educational level the benefits that will make them more advantageous in every aspect of life.

Our institution adopts universal values and expresses it with great pride. Our main goal is to make our students confident, conscientious and open-minded world citizens who have universal perspectives and can serve as leaders and team members in societies around the world and we would like to express that we are assertive about that. 


Our schools are among the shining educational institutions in our country. They have proved this with the awards received in national and international competitions and continue to prove it. Our institution offers quality education to around 1000 students and our students have the opportunity to develop and explore themselves in an engaging and exciting learning environment. Our perspective on education and training is that it will bring tremendous success for students to participate in every opportunity offered by school life. With this perspective, we carry out activities such as events, competitions and organizations in our schools and we pay attention to the fact that the areas that will perform these activities are rich. Our facility has indoor and outdoor playgrounds, library, infirmary, science laboratory, computer laboratory, large cinema and conference hall, spacious classrooms, art room, music room, games room and cafeteria. Thus, all classes in our schools are equipped with technological devices. Project Based Training is offered in our training areas. In addition, our schools are members of an Oxford Quality Program and our graduates can speak in 4 different languages (Kurdish, English, Arabic and Turkish). We believe in the importance of individual's education in the life. Therefore, we offer quality education for future generations as an institution. We believe that we can make the world a better place by sharing knowledge and experience. We are aware that the way to reach this goal is to raise students who have internalized the universal values. Our schools have ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certificate and registered to the U.S. College Board and apply Cambridge exams.

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